Sky: Children of the Light Gets a Season of the Light Update Plus Anniversary Events

Sky: Children of the Light, the acclaimed social game from Flower and Journey developer thatgamecompany, has just kicked off its latest season. 

Dubbed the Season of Sanctuary, the new content comprises a series of islands where players can enjoy a retreat from the rigors of normal Sky: Children of the Light gameplay. There are beauty spots, ancestor spirits, new expressions, various garments, an instrument, and more to enjoy.

The Season of Sanctuary will run for ten weeks, and it costs $9.99. You can buy it three times in bundle form for $19.99 if you feel like making a gift of it, or entering an impromptu money-saving syndicate with two friends. 

Alongside the Season of Sanctuary there are a handful of other events going on right now, including an Anniversary Event, a Double Treasure Candles Event, and a Double Seasonal Light Event. They’re due to end on the 19th. 

You can download Sky: Children of the Light for free right now on the Google Play Store. 

Source: Pocket Gamer

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