Sky Islands is a Fez-Like Perspective Shifting Platform Puzzler Out Now on Android

Sky Islands on Android.

If you’re a fan of the fiendishly-clever perspective shifting puzzler Fez, then we have a treat for you. Enter Sky Islands, a brand new mobile platformer that draws inspiration from the indie champion.

You play as a star who has to explore a wide variety of levels to collect more stars. Apparently, the game takes place in the sky realm, and that pretty much sums up the aesthetic on offer here.

Levels are pretty brief, which perfectly suits mobile gameplay. You use virtual controls to move right and left, and jump. Using these simple controls, you jump over platforms, on enemy’s heads, and gather stars.

That’s right, it does sound an awful lot like Super Mario. After all, you can’t have a 2D platformer without a bit of Mario inspiration.

How Does Perspective-Shifting Work?

The complexity comes from the perspective-shifting gameplay we mentioned earlier. You can swipe left and right to change the perspective of the level, completely altering how you get around.

It might introduce a new platform you can jump on, enemies to defeat, or a star that was hidden previously. This plays a big part in the level design, and is where the bulk of the challenge comes from.

Unlike Fez, you can actually swipe and hold to see a 3D render of the entire level. This can help you figure out the exact 2D view you need to see to progress through a difficult spot.

Wait, is That an Ad?

There is some bad news though. While the game is free, you will encounter ads after beating a few levels. You can turn these off with a single purchase though, and it’s a meagre $3.

If you’d like to check out Sky Islands, go ahead and grab it from Google Play. Or, if it doesn’t quite take your fancy, check out our best new Android games this week list.

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