Sky Islands Is Android’s Answer To Fez

Feature image for our Sky Islands news piece. It shows a game screen with a yellow character stood on a group of grassy floating islands.

Sky Islands, a new puzzle platformer, heads to Google Play next month, and it might be just the ticket for anyone pining for the golden age of indie 2D around 2010.

Sky Islands is a game that mixes 2D and 3D gameplay by letting you switch dimensions. You take on the role of an adorable little yellow guy journeying across an assortment of floating islands, collecting stars, and avoiding the teeny little skeleton enemies.

Change Your Perspective

The little yellow dude is your average 2D platformer character, with a big twist.

You have the ability to switch angles, which momentarily gives you a 3D view of the wider picture before you move to another angle.

Suddenly, seemingly simple levels are filled with secrets, and you’ll find routes through areas that seemed impassible before. Neat! You just need to get your head around how each turn will affect the 2D plane.

The inspiration for Sky Islands comes from 2012 puzzle platformer Fez. The developer even states this in the game’s description.

Never heard of Fez? It’s an indie classic that made it onto the PC and iOS, but not to Android. We’re not bitter.

Feels Like It’s 2012 Again

The years around 2010 were a goldmine of indie darlings, with games like Fez, Braid, and Limbo receiving heaps of acclaim around that time.

Sadly, the world never received Fez 2. It looks fairly unlikely we’re going to see anything from the series any time soon, so it’s nice to see that the fun dimension-swapping mechanic isn’t completely lost to time.

Think Sky Islands sounds like fun? Well, you can pre-register now via Google Play for the release on September 14th.

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