Game Boy Emulator SkyEmu Now Runs on Android and Supports DS Games

SkyEmu emulator.

It’s always nice to see a positive Android gaming emulation story, and we have a solid one for you today. The much-loved SkyEmu emulator, which previously specialised in Game Boy/Color/Advance emulation, is now available on Android.

This is thanks to the version three update, which comes with a raft of new features. Chief among these is the inclusion of Nintendo DS rom support, which allows you to play DS games on the emulator. DraStic could already do this, of course, but it’s always nice to have options.

What’s in the Update?

The update also introduces localisation in a variety of different territories, including Armenia, China, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Russia. There’s also Action Replay cheat support for all platforms bar Game Boy Color.

You can adjust touch screen opacity, switch to a black theme (which is lovely on phones with an OLED screen), and emulate the solar sensor. There’s also a new ability to auto-hide the menubar, so you can focus on playing instead of fiddling.

If you like using save states, you can now organise them a little easier by placing them into a folder, rather than next to the rom. You can also use a Higan-style colour correction for the Game Boy Advance, lending a little authenticity to proceedings.

One feature missing from the Android version is fullscreen support. Sadly, that feature is limited to just the Linux and Windows version for now, but let’s wait and see if it arrives in a later basis.

Woo! DS Compatibility!

The developer of SkyEmu is keen to stress in the patch notes that Nintendo DS compatibility still has mild issues that affect graphics and audio. Go ahead and give it a try, but expect a bit of a bumpy ride until the likely fourth version of the emulator.

If you’d like to check out SkyEmu on Android, grab it from GitHub. We should warn that you use an emulator at your own risk. These are not official Android apps that you can get in Google Play, and we can’t comment on their quality.

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