Skyturns – Parkour Running Game is Getting New Content and Community Features

Skyturns is a parkour-based puzzle game where players run and jump off floating geometry in the sky. Sounds trippy, but one wrong move and your character has to fall a long way before he hits the ground.

Skyturns – Could be a Roaring Success

Skyturns gameplay involves navigating a maze of floating geometry, trying to find the quickest route possible. Sliding downhill will increase your characters speed and mistiming a jump will cause you to slow down.

Since the game’s launch, Skyturns has had over 100,000 downloads, and the developers have not stopped adding new features. The new features added include replay functionality and being able to run against your own ghost.

The next step for Skyturns involves adding a level creation feature, leaderboards and more outfits to purchase.

If you are looking for a neat little parkour game with a whole heap of potential, then you should try out Skyturns – Parkour Running Game.

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