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Slayaway Camp: 1980’s Horror Puzzle Fun! Is Currently Free

Slayaway Camp Humble Bundle

Slayaway Camp is a 1980s themed puzzle game, where you play as serial killers from 80s classic horror films. The aim of the game is simple, leave no survivors.

Slayaway Camp – A Bloody Good Puzzler

If you haven’t heard of Slayaway Camp before, allow me to set the scene. You play as a psycho slasher hell-bent on slaughtering all the happy campers.

The problem is getting to these campers is a challenge in itself, they lock your character into a grid-based system where they move like a chess piece across the board. The fun part is luring your campers into traps and performing special take-downs, which are cutscenes showing off gory entertaining murders.

If you want a puzzler with tons of blood and content, then grab a copy of Slayaway Camp while it’s free.

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