Slice Knight Is an Inventive Casual Action-RPG, Out Now on Android

Slice Knight, from Pixelrain Studios, has just landed on the Google Play Store. It’s a fun, addictive, innovative action game in which you play as a knight who slices.

The core movement mechanic sees you swinging a weapon in a 360 arc automatically as you explore a large open dungeon. Monsters come at you, and you need to ensure that your weapon is swinging in their direction at the moment they arrive.

There are crates dotted around containing weapon pickups, some of which are good and some of which are rubbish. There are bombs, too, and coins that you can collect to buy new weapons, characters, and upgrades.

Goes tend to be short and sweet, and once you die you can get back into the action – at the level you left off at – in about a nanosecond, making it difficult to resist another turn.

Slice Knight is well worth downloading, particularly in light of the fact that it’s free, though it’s quite rough and ready, with controls that are frequently unresponsive, at least on our LG G7.

You might have better luck. In any case, you can download Slice Knight for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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