Slime by InfoLife is a typical block breaking game with a slight twist which is you are able to rotate the screen and have the blocks fall into different positions to help you out and make bigger combos. The free version of this game lasts for 30 days so it’ll give you plenty of time to try it out before deciding whether or not to buy the paid version.

This game is pretty much your standard block breaker where you can break 2 or more blocks of the same color until you are left with (hopefully) no more blocks left or at least no more that you can break. The screen rotating feature is a neat addition to this type of game play since you can rotate it to help you set up bigger combos or clear more blocks in general.

Of course there is also the standard global high scores list which is fast becoming an almost mandatory feature in games now. Word of warning though for G1 owners, this game ran sluggish on my G1. I don’t know if it’s due to the fact my ‘Need more Space’ warning was going or if it just runs that way on the G1. Other then that it’s a pretty good time killer.

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