Smash It! from Thumbstar Games is a little Halloween fun for your Android device

Thumbstar Games has released a new Halloween themed game onto Google Play called Smash It! which brings a little Halloween fun to your Android device before you or your kids are outside trying to get as much candy as you can soon. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help rescue a witch’s beloved cat from monsters called the Blarghinis.

There are different types of Blarghinis that you will have to deal with but all of them are trying to ‘absorb’ all the animals around them which happens to include your witch’s cat. Disposing of these monsters is done by tapping or swiping on them while trying to save your cat and not getting bit by them as well.

Smash It! Features:

* SIMPLE CONTROLS! Use your finger to smash the enemies!
* MYTHICAL CREATURES! Summon powerful allies to help you out!
* COLORFUL! Vivid HD art style that will immerse you on this vibrant world!
* 30 LEVELS! Use your fingers to cross between 3 worlds!
* CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Show your skills on more than 100 missions!
* MORE TO COME! New characters, additional levels and spells! Be aware!

Smash It! isn’t meant to be a game with deep gameplay or a game that introduces new gameplay mechanics never seen before. What it is meant to be is just a fun Halloween game for anyone to play when they have some free time. You can pick up a copy off of Google Play for free.

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