Snail Games has released the Royal Shakedown update for Chaos Legends

Snail Games has pushed out a new update for their newer MMORPG called Chaos Legends. The update, titled The Royal Shakedown, is actually quite a large update bringing new features and content to almost all aspects of the game. This includes everything from new dungeon content, all the way to in-game marriage.

The Royal Shakedown adds a variety of new ‘systems’ to Chaos Legends. There’s the new Couples system, which is essentially in-game marriage between two player characters. There’s also a new Master and Apprentice system where you can pass on wisdom/skills to other characters. If you’re not happy with the class your character currently is, or just feel like a change, there’s a new Class Change system.

Players have three new mounts to get around the battlefield on, which are the Purple Phoenix, Flaming Beast, and Azure Fox. All mounts can be upgraded with the new Mount’s Cell function. You’re also now able to grab a new Magi Zhu Jiujie to help you along with your battles. This is part of the new Magi Exploration which you can dive into in order to find all kinds of new goodies.

As for PvP and PvE content, there’s a couple of new PvP modes and maps for players to check out. For PvP there is the new Demon Battlefield, along with a new Hijack PvP event. Players can also take advantage of the new Divine Cannons. For PvE, you can hook yourself up with more loot from the new Treasure Hunters mode. There’s also a new Pantheon Map and for end-game content, players can try to complete the new high-level instance Underwater Palace.

All of this is rounded out with new Level 6 gems and Tier 3 Souls for equipment, which you can use in new gear that you find in the Underwater Palace and other areas. The game’s overall level cap has been increased to 110, and everything that is affected by level increases has also been raised up, such as skill levels and so on.

The Royal Shakedown update is now available for download off of Google Play. You can check out the update’s trailer below.

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