Sneak peek at 2 exclusive levels that will come on the Angry Birds Rio DVD

Rovio will be dropping an Angry Birds Rio DVD on the world August 2nd, 2011 and with that comes exclusive levels for the Angry Birds Rio game. In fact, if you go out and purchase the Angry Birds Rio DVD, you will be treated to 15 exclusive levels for the actual Angry Birds Rio game.

Details are still a bit on the limited side of things but from what we have read you will be able to use the code in the Angry Birds Rio game on any device that plays the game. Whether you will be able to use the code that comes with the DVD on more than one device that you own remains to be seen. However, we have a feeling that it will only be a ‘use once’ type of code considering that if it were able to be used on more than one device, people would be able to share the code with non-DVD owners.

So today we see the release of two videos that take a look at two of the exclusive levels that you will be able to play in Angry Birds Rio once you buy the DVD. Enjoy!

Developer Website: Rovio

Website Referenced: Angry Birds Nest

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