Sneak Peek at the secret level of Angry Birds to be found during Super Bowl

A couple of days ago we reported on the fact that during the Super Bowl there would be a commercial for the upcoming animated film Rio. During this commercial there will be a secret code people can find that will give them access to a hidden level in Angry Birds. If you complete the level, you could win a trip to the premiere in Rio de Jainero.

Well Entertainment Weekly seems to have gotten an exclusive peek at the hidden level people will be able to find during the commercial and so, like any good gaming site, we nabbed it and it is here for your viewing pleasure.

It actually looks like a fairly difficult level, especially with all the extra points to be had with all the fruit. 3 stars will be tricky to get with this one! It seems, judging from the image file name, that this will show up once you find the code as a Golden Egg level.

Good luck!

Website Referenced: Entertainment Weekly

Developer Website: Rovio

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