Sneak preview of Polarbit’s upcoming new game called Reckless Getaway

Polarbit, developers of a lot of great 3D games for Android such as Reckless Racing, has just released a nice preview video of their upcoming title called Reckless Getaway. Essentially a second installment to the ‘Reckless’ series of games, instead of being on the tracks racing, you’re in the streets.

Like a lot of recent console racing games, Reckless Getaway puts you on the streets instead of on the race tracks, tearing up the roads and trying to get away from the police. The game features the same style of graphics and point-of-view that are found in Reckless Racing so anyone who has played that will be familiar already with Reckless Getaway’s play style.

We actually previewed this game awhile back and Polarbit has just released a second video preview for Reckless Racing. So sit back and enjoy the preview video! No word yet on when it will be available on the Android Market or for how much. All we know is that it will be available ‘soon’.

Developer Website: Polarbit

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