Sniper Champions is a Competitive PvP Range Shooter, Out Now

Gameloft has released its competitive, colorful sniping challenge game, Sniper Champions on the Play Store. So if you want to shoot some targets on your phone, today is an excellent day for you.

There’s very little grit here – instead you’re sniping your way through a series of colorful locations, trying to make sure you’re faster and more accurate than your opponent. It’s a shooting game, basically.

Inevitably there are loads of upgrades you can add to your rifle, from cosmetics to precision sights and everything in between. Hey, let’s watch a trailer, shall we?

The game has the look of the likes of Golf Clash, but with powerful guns instead of smacking balls. And it’s always good to take on other people and show them you’re the best, right? That’s the whole point of existence.

Sniper Champions is free to download from the Play Store, and you can do that by clicking right here.

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