SNK Playmore announces their shift in focus to mainly console and mobile games now

SNK Playmore, developers behind franchises like King of Fighters and Metal Slug, have formally announced today their intentions to focus mainly on mobile and console games, at least for the immediate future. The company will now be putting twice the effort and focus into making console and mobile games.

Apparently the company will be getting out of the Pachinko business is due to the fact interest is dying out regarding Pachinko and also due to new regulatory changes making everything even more uncertain. Who knew the Pachinko industry was that rough. So instead they will focus on video games mainly for right now.

Fatal Fury Special Edition

Apparently SNK Playmore will be leveraging their current IP catalog a lot more, which includes the franchises mentioned earlier. On top of that, SNK Playmore’s recent partnership with the Chinese company Ledo Millennium will be used to create synergy in the mobile game industry for them as well. So it should be interesting to see how all of this plays out for SNK Playmore.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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