SNK Playmore unleashed the Neo Geo classic Metal Slugs 2

DotEmu has brought another Neo Geo classic to Android for SNK Playmore and this time it is the missing Metal Slug 2 game. We say missing because we’ve has the first one and the third one available already, we were only missing the second Metal Slug game to keep the series whole.

Like the previous Metal Slug games brought over to Android, Metal Slug 2 is a port of the original Neo Geo game but with additional content and controls built from scratch for mobile gameplay. For those of you not familiar with this game, Metal Slug 2 (as well as the first and third ones) is a side-scrolling ‘run and shoot everything in sight’ type of game in your attempt to defeat the evil General Morden.

Metal Slug 2 Features:

– Two game modes: Arcade and Mission
– Two new playable characters: Eri and Flo
– New weapons and slugs to use
– Controls built for mobile gaming
– Co-op multiplayer via Bluetooth

The same two game modes from the first and third game are also in this new one as well. Arcade mode just lets you play the game right through while Mission mode lets you pick specific levels you want to play over again in an attempt to better your previous attempt at completing it. Both game modes work with the co-op multiplayer through Bluetooth as well.

Fans of Neo Geo games or the Metal Slugs franchise will want to check this game out. Picking up a copy of Metal Slug 2 will set you back $3.99 for you to get your retro gaming fix.

Google Play Link: Metal Slug 2

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