$14,000 Prize Pool on Offer in the Snowbreak: Containment Zone Art Contest

feature image for our snowbreak: containment zone art contest news, the image features promo art for the contest of two characters from the game taking part in a water pistol fight on the beach as they smirk at each other, whilst another character sits under an umbrella on the sand while making a sandcastle and holding rubber duck toys

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is holding a fanart contest and costume design contest between August 4 and September 27! The total prize is $14,000 split across different categories.

If you’re curious about Snowbreak: Containment Zone, you can visit the official website or download the game on Google Play.

How to Enter Both Competitions

For the fanart competition, players are required to draw an illustration based on the game. This can be a drawing that includes one or more characters. 

Participants have full creative freedom to create whatever they want. To enter the competition, they need to post the fanart on social media and tag it with “Snowbreak_FanartContest”

The costume design contest is more or less the same, however, this time it revolved around creating a brand-new outfit for any character from Snowbreak: Containment Zone. To enter a costume design into the content, tag the post on social media with “Snowbreak_DesignContest”

The Rewards on Offer

We presume that the costumes that win will be implemented into the game in the near future – or we hope so at least. We’re big fans of adding fan-made content into games!

As mentioned above, there are multiple winner categories, each of which has a differentiating prize pool. Let’s take a closer look at them!

  • Pixiv Prize – 2 winners for both the fanart and costume design competitions
    • Around $2,000, official merch, and 3,200 Digi Cash (the in-game currency)
  • Snowbreak Development Team – 2 winners for both the fanart and costume design competitions
    • Around $1000, official merch, and 3,200 Digi Cash
  • Judge’s Special Recognition Award – 8 winners for both competitions
    • Around $350, official merch, and 3,200 Digi Cash
  • Special Prize – 15 winners for both competitions
    • Official merch and 3,200 Digi Cash

Each category containing multiple winners makes for a much fairer competition and will surely alleviate some of the stress for participants – hopefully.

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