The Snowbreak Containment Zone Launch Trailer is Out – But it’s Not Actually Launched Yet

feature image for our snowbreak containment zone launch trailer news, the image features art of 5 characters from the game as they hold their guns, there is an airship flying behind them as well as a bridge and a ramp where one character is stood

The official Snowbreak Containment Zone Launch trailer has arrived, but the game isn’t due to be released for another 2 weeks. 

Usually, a trailer with this title appears 24 hours before a game’s launch, or at least a few days prior. However, Snowbreak Containment Zone has released their latest PV trailer early to ramp up the hype before July 20.

For more information about the game, visit the official website or official Twitter page.

What’s in the Trailer?

The Snowbreak Containment Zone launch trailer features gorgeous animation and stylish art. While it doesn’t give much away about the game, the 30-second video gives us a glimpse into the universe. Some context is given, as well as short introductions to a few characters who we assume will be obtainable via the gacha system. 

The launch trailer has undoubtedly caused a little bit of confusion amongst fans of the genre, as at a quick glance, it seems as if the game has come out ahead of the planned schedule. 

A Successful Pre-Registration Period

Pre-registration is open for Snowbreak Containment Zone after multiple successful beta tests – we’re looking forward to finally getting our hands on the RPG shooter! 

While the beta tests were well-received in terms of gameplay, there were a few issues regarding those who were accepted into the closed beta test. Despite receiving confirmation of their acceptance of the test, they couldn’t actually access it.

Excitement for the upcoming gacha is at an all-time high, with every pre-registration milestone met at this current time – with the last being 2 million! This means players who have pre-registered before the launch date will receive a plethora of freebies as soon as they log in.

The pre-registration rewards include:

  • 10K SilverBuck
  • 200 DigiCash
  • 600 DigiCash
  • 5 Operative Recruitment Chit
  • Exclusive Skin
  • Exclusive Weapon

If you’re looking for new games to play while you wait for Snowbreak Containment Zone, take a look at our Best Android Gacha Games guide.

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