Snowbreak Containment Zone Pre-Download Drops Ahead of Thursday Launch

Official artwork celebrating the Snowbreak Containment Zone launch.

Snowbreak Containment Zone’s global release date gets just that little bit closer, with pre-download dropping on Google Play today.

The full game launches on Thursday, July 20. So, if you’d like to play as soon as the servers open, we recommend downloading it now and patching it up fully so you don’t have to wait.

What’s Snowbreak Containment Zone?

Snowbreak Containment Zone is an upcoming mobile gacha game that plays a bit like Nikke on steroids. Much like that game, you unlock characters gacha style then head out into the world to shoot people.

Unlike Nikke though, you can fully control your character in a 3D plane. You target enemies with your ranged weapons, run around to reposition yourself, and dodge roll to avoid attacks.

Visually, it’s like a cartoon version of of Lost Planet, Capcom’s old school third person shooter series. That might just be due to all of the guns and the snow though.

When is the Snowbreak Containment Zone Release Date?

That’s this Thursday, July 20. Expect a patch of roughly 6GB when you first boot it up, so you may want to download that right away if you want zero delays on the actual day of launch.

The servers will go live at 10am UTC+8. You might want to figure out what that time is in your timezone to pinpoint the exact time, as it will be July 19 for many users.

We posted a separate news article yesterday covering all of the freebies you can expect to pick up around launch. There’s plenty to be had!

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