Solitaire Bliss Collection is the Perfect Antidote to Self-Isolation

Thanks to coronavirus, we’re all going to be spending more time on our own in the immediate future. A lot of solitaire – the quintessential solo game – is going to be played around the world. 

There are plenty of solitaire games to choose from – so many that the choice can be overwhelming.

We’ll make it easy for you: go for Solitaire Bliss Collection. 

This peerless compendium of solitary card-based fun, from developer is one of the best we’ve played thanks to its polished, no-fuss presentation and its generous suite of gameplay modes. 

There are 23 different variations of solitaire on offer, including Freecell, Pyramid, Spider, Yukon, Tripeaks, Forty Thieves, and of course Classic.

Of course, most solitaire games contain at least some of these variants. The difference is that Solitaire Bliss Collection does everything to an incredibly high standard. 

For instance, not only can you choose all of these modes, but you can play any one of them at multiple difficulty levels, or with a choice of conditions. You can play Klondike in Draw 1, Draw 3, Vegas 1, or Vegas 3 modes. You can play Spider with one suit, two suits, four suits, or in Spiderette form. 

Yukon, meanwhile, also comes in Russian and Alaskan flavours, while Forty Thieves is playable both in Classic form and in accordance with Josephine rules. 

Every one of these modes plays like dream, in an elegantly understated sort of way. You can drag cards or tap to move them, play in landscape or portrait, choose whether your deal is random or solvable, and so on. Solitaire Bliss Collection makes none of the mistakes that you find in other free-to-play solitaire games. 

It’s even got a left-handed mode, as well as daily challenges, leaderboards, achievements, a personal statistics tracker, autocomplete, a number of different languages, and more. 

And the monetisation is completely low-key. Unlike most of its rivals, Solitaire Bliss Collection doesn’t charge for hints, lives, or retries. It’s ad-funded, but the ads are brief and unobtrusive. 

You can play Solitaire on Google Play, the App Store, or online right now.

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