SEGA Opens Sonic Rumble Closed Beta Test In The US, Set To Drop Later This Year

featured image for our news on Sonic Rumble closed beta test. It features Sonic and his friends as bobblehead showpieces (that's how they'll appear in the game)

SEGA has just announced the CBT for their upcoming part game, Sonic Rumble! If you’re a resident of the US, then you can dive into the action-packed fun by registering for the upcoming Sonic Rumble closed beta test.

When’s The Game Releasing?

Apparently, they’re planning to launch it in winter this year, so you can expect it in sometime around October to December. It’ll hit both Android and iOS devices. Sonic Rumble has been developed in collab with Rovio, the mastermind behind Angry Birds. It’s a 32-player party game that promises to whisk you away to toy worlds.

When the game was in the early developing stages, there were leaks and rumours that Sonic Rumble would be akin to Fall Guys. Now that some of us will get to experience it through the Sonic Rumble closed beta test, we’ll see for ourselves what the game will look like. For the time being, catch a glimpse in the trailer below!

Here’s How To Join The Sonic Rumble Closed Beta Test

Registration kicks off today and runs until May 19th, 2024. Just head over to the official beta test website, punch in your age and fill out the form. Alternatively, check out this official tweet on the CBT and you’re all set to join the fun.

If you’re not stateside, don’t worry because news on beta tests for other regions is still up in the air. The Sonic Rumble closed beta test is set to run from May 24th to May 26th. Make sure your Android is running OS 8.0 or later and has 4 GB RAM or more.

SEGA’s counting on the players of the USA to help them fine-tune the game. Your feedback during the CBT will shape the final product, so go ahead and register for the test.

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