Sony Android Playstation phone holding hands with an Xperia X10

What week wouldn’t be complete without some sort of new information regarding the Sony Android Playstation phone, the Zeus/Z1/Xperia Play depending on what you believe it’ll be called. This week it is showing up though holding hands with an Xperia X10 to give you an idea of the scale/size of this Android device.

Furthermore, what was rumored to be running Android 3.0 in the earliest reports (which is now Android 2.3/Gingerbread) but was ending up being leaked with Android 2.2… until now. This leak now shows the Sony Android Playstation phone sporting Android 2.3 as the version of Android it is running.


While all reports are suggesting that this phone will be shown off at the Mobile World Conference 2011 and not CES 2011 this year, would you be surprised if this end up at CES? If it does, you bet we will be there to fondle it mercilessly.

Website Referenced: Engadget

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