Sony Android Tablet confirmed, to be on sale by end of Summer

Awhile back there was a little rumor going around that Sony was developing an Android tablet codenamed the ‘S1’. After that initial rumor hit the internet, all went quiet, until now. Sony has confirmed they are working on an Android Tablet that will be available by the end Summer. Granted, as of late, lot of people miss the initial release dates.

Other specs that came with the report include the fact it’ll be running Honeycomb at release which means this will also be a dual-core Android tablet, most likely of the Tegra 2 nature. Previous information that had leaked out during the initial rumor was that it would have a 9.4″ screen, run at 1280×800 resolution have front and rear facing camera, and an IR-port for controlling other devices. It would also be sporting a very unusual form factor and the tablet would be tied into Sony’s Qriocity service.

Qriocity is Sony’s online on-demand content service which allows users to get games, music, ebooks and other on-demand content. The strange flap design is said to make the tablet easier to hold when typing as well as easier to view, depending on how you are holding it and the screen’s orientation.

We should be seeing this tablet available for sale sometime at the end of Summer (originally September), possibly with the WiFi version sporting a price tag of $599, at least that’s according to the original rumor. This tablet will be Playstation certified, like the Xperia Play, making this gaming tablet as well.

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