Sony Ericsson drops two new promo videos for the Xperia Play. Not as strange as the first two batches.

Sony Ericsson must have hired a few people to sit around and think up ideas for strange, weird, disturbing or cool promotional videos for the Xperia Play. So far, after the sweatshop videos and the Kristen Schaal videos, they seem to be pretty on point with the strange and disturbing side of things. Looks like the new ads are shooting for cool next.

Being a gamer for a very long time, there are certain things that are just straight up awesome that will never happen in real life. The crew working on the Sony Ericsson promo videos must be gamers as well since they managed to tap into this aspect. Having released two new videos, one where a heavily modified Mustang goes crazy which is being controlled by the guy with the Xperia Play and an alien ship shooting up a restaurant, we can safely say this: We wish we could do this in real life. How great would that be?

That being said, these promo videos are pretty entertaining so without further delay, here they are. The Mustang video is regarding the Asphalt 6 game on the Xperia Play while the alien video refers to Star Battalion.

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