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Sony‘s Ultimate Sackboy appears on Play Store, still unannounced

PlayStation’s western mascot Sackboy is coming to mobile! Despite being a PlayStation exclusive, the lovable mascot is coming to Android with Ultimate Sackboy. 

While details surrounding this new mobile exclusive PlayStation game are vague, we’re still excited. But just what is this new game? 

What is Ultimate Sackboy? 

Seemingly a sequel to the PS Vita game Run Sackboy, Run!, Ultimate Sackboy is an endless runner coming to mobile. Created by developer Exient, known for the mobile Lemmings game, this title looks to be a gorgeous new entry in the series. 

In the game, you play as the titular Sackboy. Taking part in the legendary Ultimage Games, you’ll have to run through intense obstacle courses in order to get massive scores!

Just like Subway Surfers, you’ll have to flick, swipe and tap your way through treacherous stages. Collecting bubbles will allow you to unlock new stages and cosmetics to wear. 

Throughout the game, you’ll also have to battle historical enemies from Little Big Planet’s history. However, as the game has yet to be revealed, we don’t know who they’ll be. 

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Is it real? 

There’s a mystery surrounding the release of Ultimate Sackboy. While the game has a Google Play Store listing, Sony is seemingly refusing the announce the game. 

Furthermore, the new mobile game has been public on Google Play for over a month. However, PlayStation has yet to take the page down, announce the game or release the project.  

Hopefully, Ultimate Sackboy releases soon. We want to play it! Please, Sony!

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