Soon you will be able to towel whip your robotic enemies in Towel Tim

A new platformer is gearing up for release by Ilot Benton called Towel Tim which will let you have all the great platform gaming you want with a character that is half naked and a rather good shot when it comes to using his towel as a weapon.

The official full name of this game is Towel Tim in Outer Space and you will be playing as Tim who was apparently abducted by alien robots the moment he got out of a shower. Now that he has been abducted by these alien robots, he has learned about their plan to destroy Earth and it is up to you to save your planet. Unfortunately for you, you are pretty much naked except for the towel you are wearing which also happens to be your only weapon.

Luckily your towel is multi-purpose so you can use it in a variety of way including towel whipping everything in sight. You do get to ride the occasional vehicle and get the odd power-up to help out. This is a pretty unique theme to build a platformer around and the art style is fairly unique as well, with a bit of a hand-painted feel to it. As of right now there is no official release date, only that it is coming soon. Until then, enjoy the trailer above.

Developer Website: Ilot Benton

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