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Space Marshals is Now on Sale

Space Marshals is a Sci-fi Wild West stealth game, where you play as Burton a Space Marshal hunting escaped convicts. This game is the original Space Marshals which comprises three chapters, if you are interested in the second part, you can try it for free from the Play Store.

Space Marshals – A Sci-fi Western Stealth Game

Space Marshals is a top-down shooter where you will need to use your ingenuity to complete levels. Each level you face has an overwhelming amount of enemies if you were to take them on guns blazing. So you must use a mix of gadgets, stealth and aggression to survive.

Space Marshals is a top-down shooter with a wide range of weapons and gear for you to unlock and experiment with. There are multiple factions you can fight with, and you can even turn factions onto each other. There is a range of Gamepad controller support, including support for the Nvidia Shield Tablet and Console.

If you are interested in grabbing a copy of Space Marshals for $0.99, then visit the Google Play Store.

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