Spacetime Studios’ upcoming 3D MMORPG gets a new official name and new teaser site.

We have reported on Spacetime Studios’ upcoming cross-platform 3D MMORPG called Blackstar over the past couple of months. We are slowly getting closer to release time and you can already, for a small fee, reserve your character name in this upcoming MMORPG. However, it has a new official name!

Originally this game was going to be called Blackstar but has since gotten a name change. It’s new official name will now be Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles. With a new name comes a new teaser site as well where you can sign-up to receive updates as the game progresses in development. Spacetime is also heading to E3 as are we which means we will be getting some more hands-on with Star Legends like we did at GDC 2011. Hopefully this time we are allowed to film it though to show all our readers!

If you want to reserve your character name for Star Legends, it would be good to do so sooner than later. Another neat feature that will be in Star Legends is that there will be a male and female version of each class. This way if you are a guy, you can have a guy character no matter what class you pick. That is, of course, you like looking like a female in-game. To each their own. As more information comes out about Star Legends, we will be sure to post about it!

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

Official Website: Star Legends

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