Spark Plug Games announces Witch’s Workshop, coming to Android soon

Spark Plug Games has announced that their upcoming title, Witch’s Workshop: Open for Business, will be coming to Android and iOS soon. One thing that you don’t see often though is a game being released on Android first, then iOS afterwards. However, that is the particular case when it comes to this game.

Witch’s Workshop: Open for Business is an interesting looking game. It looks to be a blend of match-3 puzzle gaming with time management. You will be running your own witch shop, supplying potions to your patrons. In order to complete an order, you have to match 3 or more of the same potion. As you get paid for each completed order, you can put that money towards various upgrades to help you fulfill future orders.

Witch’s Workshop Features:

– Exercise your matching and time management skills
– Satisfy customers, just like in the real and exciting world of retail!
– Earn gold to buy fabulous upgrades
– Add new quirky customers throughout the game
– Unlock new pets! All virtual pets guaranteed to be hypoallergenic

It is an interesting blend of gaming genres and it seems to work quite well for this game. Currently Spark Plug Games has Witch’s Workshop slated for release on Android in Q1 of 2012. The iOS release will be in Q2 which is nice for a change. Also when this game gets released it will be available for free on the Android Market. You can check out the game in action in the preview trailer below.

Developer Website: Spark Plug Games

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