Speculation: Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation to be released Oct. 27th, gets a new launch trailer

So IGN had a chance a few days ago to sit down and get some hands-on time with Gameloft’s upcoming Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation game in multiplayer mode which is slated for both Android and iOS devices. While the single-player game looks great, true FPS fans are looking forward to having an FPS title available with real console like multiplayer.

Apparently, according to IGN’s hands-on with playing the multiplayer game mode, that it is a lot like Call of Duty in terms of the types of modes, which is nothing news. Most FPS games have death mathc, team death match, capture strategic points and other types of multiplayer maps. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation will sport a bigger multiplayer than the previous game allowing up to 12 people to play on a map which is nothing new news-wise either.

Just like console FPS games as well you’ll have weapons you can customize with scopes and other goodies, skills like Slight of Hand for faster reload, and you will be gaining experience points for just about everything you do from killing people, getting revenge, capturing points and so on. Of course this all goes towards a ranking system as well.

The big news is actually at the bottom of the article in one sentence that says Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is slated to be released Oct. 27th. That’s just two days away. Even though we read this, I hesitated on writing this only because Gameloft typically releases their games onto iOS first with Android following shortly afterwards, plus IGN happen to be a little bit of a fan of iOS it seems. They could decided to release this for Android on the same day which is why we decided to print this. If anything, it let’s us know that the release of Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation for Android isn’t that far off, even if it is after the iOS release.

One more thing to note, the new launch trailer for Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nations above does mention it being released on Android and iOS soon. This new trailer just came out today.

Website Referenced: IGN

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