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Spider-killing ‘Simulation’ Kill It With Fire Is Out Now on Android

Kill It With Fire, the gloriously OTT spider-killing sim from tinyBuild, is out now on Android.

Originally released on PC, Kill It With Fire bills itself as a game about causing collateral damage while killing spiders. The reason so much collateral damage occurs is that you’re not killing spiders with a slipper or a rolled up newspaper, but with a battery of ordinance straight out of Commando (20th Century Fox, 1985).

You’ve got guns, flamethrowers, shuriken, frying pans, and much more at your disposal. You can even make a gas station explode. Anything to take down those skittering jerks.

The Play Store descriptions promises eight species of spider to kill, tons of weapons, “gratuitous chaos and destruction”, and something called an “Arachno-Gauntlet”.

Kill It With Fire is available right now on the Google Play Store. It’s free to download, with IAPs for buying stuff.

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