Spire-Like Deck Builder Indies’ Lies Launching Next Week

Have you got room in your life for another game like Slay the Spire? If you do, next week is going to be an exciting one for you, because roguelike deck builder Indies’ Lies is launching on the Play Store.

While the game takes its cues from StS, it also brings some new ideas to the table. It’s got nine different playable characters, a rune system and plenty more besides.

It also looks like you can take more than one character onto the battlefield at once. We’ll stop talking for a bit now and you can all watch the trailer we’ve embedded.

Looks pretty good, right? Apparently it’s been designed to be a little more welcoming to newcomers to the genre, but by the looks of that trailer it hasn’t sacrificed any depth to get there.

You can find out more about Indies’ Lies at its official website by clicking here. The game’s Play Store page hasn’t gone live yet, but when it does you’ll find it by clicking here.

When Indies’ Lies launches next week it’ll be free to play with IAP. What do you think? Looking forward to this one?

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