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Spirit Roots, the stunning 2D platformer, is out now in beta on Android

Spirit Roots Android

Spirit Roots, the gorgeous 2D platformer, has just launched in beta on Android. Thanks to community member Funem for pointing that out!

It takes place directly following a war in which all planets in a solar system were destroyed. The inhabitants stitched together the remaining pieces of each world into a new planet, which brought about peace.

Spirit Roots takes place following a nasty interplanetary war

For a time, at least. It looks like war is about to break out again at the beginning of your adventure. You’ll travel across the five different worlds on this intriguing planet, beating 50 different levels.

There are three different difficulty settings, 10 different enemy types, and controller support for those that don’t like touch controls.

So head on over to Google Play right now to check out this awesome platformer, out now in beta.

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