DroidGamers Spring Charity Time – We’re giving back to everyone through March and April starting with Child’s Play Charity

Here’s at DroidGamers we focuses as much as we can to give back to the community, whether it be giveaways or other freebies to our readers. This is a year-round thing that we do but we wanted to take it a step further and pick a charity that we would like to make a yearly event over. When it comes to the video game industry, Child’s Play is the leading charity most companies, industry personalities and everyone in between tend to contribute to.

 While this will also be the charity we have chosen for our main fund raising, we are also going to try and hit other important charities as well. How do we plan on doing this? We have already started planning (and soon to launch) various events where either the majority or all profits (depending on the event setup and type of event) from these events will go to the charity each event is associated with.

For example, we have a Child’s Play widget added to the site where anyone can donate any amount of money which will go towards Child’s Play. In this case, 100% of the profits will go directly to Child’s Play. We won’t just do a widget for Child’s Play either. We are planning live streams (in the form of marathon streams) to help fund raise more money for Child’s Play. This isn’t the only charity we want to support though.

Other charities will include Toys for Tots, ALA, Cancer Research and others. We are calling this a Spring Charity event mainly because it won’t be just a day or a weekend of fund raising. We will dedicate the rest of March and all of April to doing various events and work for charities throughout each month.

So how can you be apart of all this good karma and bettering of society? Simple. Donated whatever you can to whatever charity that you want to. It can be any amount of money since all of it helps. We’ve always prided ourselves as being the platform for indie game developers to get their products into the eyes of the masses and now we can do a little extra to make the world to be a better place.

The Child’s Play widget will be available on all pages of this site (right side) for the entire time but when it comes to other events for other charities, we will announce each one in advance before it happens.

The only other thing we need from you, our awesome readers and fans, are suggestions as to what other charities we can help out over the next two months. So far we have Child’s Play, Toys for Tots, the ALA (American Lung Association) and Cancer Research. If there are other charities out there that you would like us to be apart of and help raise funds for, please let us know in the comments below. We are fans of animals as well so an Animal rescue charity that people want us to help out would be great to have suggested.

We hope that you, our readers, are as passionate as we are when it comes to giving back to society. This is something we’ve been meaning to do for some time now and 2014 looks like a good year to start this. If successful, we plan to do this everything each Spring. If you want to learn more about each charity we want to help, just hit up the links below for additional information for each one.

One last bit of information, 50% of all profit from the sales of our TeamDG apparel store will be going to Child’s Play for both March and April. We will be adding more designs and products over the next week or so. If you have an product requests you want us to make, just let us know here in the comments as well. Be sure to tweet, share, like and essentially get everyone you know to help out and make this a success!

Official Websites: Child’s Play, Toys for Tots, ALA (American Lung Association)

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