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Square Enix and Pokelabo Are Launching RPG SINoALICE Globally on July 1st

Japanese mobile RPG SINoALICE is coming to the West on July 1st.

SINoALICE was initially released by Nexon in Japan way back in 2017. It’s a free to play gacha RPG in which the emphasis is on weapons rather than characters. In all other respects it’s pretty much what you’d expect – dozens of large-eyed, buxom cartoon ladies fighting in their underwear. 

There’s a 100 Day Countdown Event

For some reason, Nexon has opted not to publish SINoALICE in the West, leaving Pokelabo and Square Enix to do the honours.

Kicking off the 100 day countdown in a press release today, Pokelabo announced that it’s holding a global social media event whereby content is added daily to the game’s social media accounts, disclosing, “details about the mesmerizing world of SINoALICE.”

Liking and sharing will put you in the running for rewards. 

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