Square Enix announces Final Fantasy Dimensions and yes it is coming to Android

E3 2012 hasn’t even started yet and news is already coming out about Android games that will be showcased that the biggest gaming event in the world. Square Enix has a slew of games that they will be showing off and one of them is a Final Fantasy game called Final Fantasy Dimensions and yes, it will be coming to Android.

If you have followed us for any length of time then you probably know that I love the Final Fantasy series of games, especially FFVIII and older titles. You also know I regularly complain that Android has yet to see a Final Fantasy game. That is about to change and pretty quick as Final Fantasy Dimension is not only slated for iOS but Android as well.

This game will be an old school kickback to the Final Fantasy titles of old, at least in terms of visuals. While the game may be a completely new story, the visuals will jump back a generation to the 2D pixel awesomeness that was the early Final Fantasy days.

Currently it isn’t know if this will be an episodic release like Final Fantasy Legends was in Japan or if this will be a full game right from the jump. However, Square Enix is going to be showing it off at E3 2012 so we will know soon enough. As for a release date? Final Fantasy Dimensions is slated for a Summer release on Android. Don’t go too far though, we have even more Square Enix gaming news for Android coming up!

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