Square Enix confirms Final Fantasy Agito will be localized, doesn’t confirm Western release though

For whatever particular reason Square Enix today has confirmed that Final Fantasy Agito will be localized but did not confirm that it would be released for Western audiences. Up until now this new Final Fantasy game was assumed to be coming as a worldwide release but today’s news makes it sound like the game was originally intended to not be released in the West.

However the confirmation of the upcoming free-to-play multiplayer Final Fantasy game for Android and iOS being localized is a good sign that it will make it to Western shores when it is released. Speaking to US Gamer, game director Hajime Tabata said that Final Fantasy Agito will “definitely be localized” but cautioned that this isn’t an official announcement in regards to the game’s release anywhere outside of Japan. It could be localized and stay within Japan, which really doesn’t make much sense but weirder things have happened.

In an interesting side note, during the talk with US Gamer Hajume Tabata notes that he looks at Final Fantasy Type-0 and Agito as companion games to each other and would like to see Type-0 released onto the Playstation Network. If this happened we could see Type-0 coming to Android devices through Playstation Mobile as well.

Of course this all depends on whether or not either game is released for Western gamers to play. We’ll keep an eye out for further details regarding this rather entertaining sounding Final Fantasy game and whether or not it’ll be released worldwide. Until then we do have a new teaser trailer to check out which shows off some of the gameplay which looks quite good actually.

Website Referenced: Shacknews

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