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Square Enix is Giving Away 535 Free Draws In Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

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Final Fantasy Opera Omnia’s fifth anniversary is around the corner, and there are some amazing freebies up for grabs. The reward that everyone’s talking about is the whopping 535 free pulls that you can obtain. The developers are being pretty generous for this fifth anniversary celebration! The overall event runs from January 31 to March 2.

Extra Rewards

Not only that but there is also a special anniversary draw, where you can receive a 50+1 draw to guarantee a free BT. It’s important to note that this draw also includes FR, LD, EX, and BT weapons. If you want some extra goodies, you can also purchase a one-time gem bundle in the shop to get an additional 50+1 Draw Ticket.

For 30 days, there is a daily multi draw – and it’s completely free! This draw includes FR, EX, and LD weapons. Plus, you can obtain a further 14 First multi draws for free on select banners. As well as the amazing freebies, there are also global-first events taking place, and global-first force the anniversary also includes brand-new burst weapons for Penelo – exciting!

Special Event Campaign

Aside from the free draws, there is a special campaign to celebrate the fifth anniversary. You’ll also spot a Kactuar appearance on the roster! Expect double XP, 3x cycle quest rewards, and login bonuses throughout the event. 

What is Final Fantasy Opera Omnia?

If you aren’t familiar with Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, one major thing to remember is that the gacha system includes weapons, not units. All units in the game are given to you for free by playing through the story! Players often say that the game is pretty generous overall, so it’s definitely worth checking out. 

If you’d like to learn more about the game, or you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise in general, visit the game’s official Twitter page.

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