Square Enix releases Final Fantasy III onto Android, so far only in Japan

As a very big fan of the Final Fantasy franchise from Square Enix, mostly all the games up to Final Fantasy VIII, it was great to see a Final Fantasy title land on Android finally. Unfortunately, as of right now though, it is for residence of Japan only.

Already released onto iOS in Japan, Android now has a copy for Japanese users as well. If you are thinking it will be like the actual old school Final Fantasy III game from the older console era, it sort of is but this version has received an overhaul in the graphical department, sporting some new 3D visuals all the way around instead of the nice 16-bit graphics from the past. Of course it isn’t just the graphics that have been overhauled but the user interface as well to better suit a touch screen.

Dungeons and instances like those have also been reworked into a much more visual, modern experience. In fact pretty much everything about Final Fantasy III has been redone except for the storyline which, from what I can tell, is the same as the original game. Everything else has just been brought up-to-date.

Will we see this game and other Final Fantasy titles get translated for the English market? We certainly hope so. It would be much better to play it natively than running it through an emulator. If you live in Japan or can spoof your device to have it look like it is in Japan, you can nab Final Fantasy III for Android off of the Square Enix Marketplace.

Thanks to ShadowOfAnAndroid for the tip!

Square Enix Market: Final Fantasy III

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