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Square Enix Teases Nier Reincarnation for Android

During the recent ten year anniversary celebrations for Nier, Square Enix teased Nier Reincarnation, a forthcoming mobile RPG. 

And teased is the operative word. The trailer, which you can watch below, gives very little away, so let us fill you in with some background info. 

The Nier series of action-RPGs began with the original Nier in 2010. A spin-off of the Drakengard games, it saw players assuming the role of Nier, a fantasy badass. 

Nier Silence

If you were thinking “Reincarnation” – plus the fact that there’s also a Nier remaster in the works – might mean we’re looking at a mobile remake of the original, you’re probably barking up the wrong tree. The trailer reveals Team Ico-esque scenes of desolation rather than the gung-ho monster bashing of the first game.

The developer, Applibot, previously created Blade Xlord, Seven’s Code, Kamurai Tribe, Grimoire A, all of which are mobile JRPGs, so you can safely expect the same from Nier Reincarnation when it arrives at some indeterminate point in the future. 

Source: Polygon

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