Star Command getting closer to launch, opens up merch shop for t-shirt lovers

There is some exciting news for all of you anxiously awaiting Star Command. Warballoon Studios has just opened up their merchandise store online which means now you can get some awesome shirts themed around Star Command for $19.99. It doesn’t matter if your a Cadet or a Captain because wearing these shirts makes you just plain awesome.

A couple of Star Command shirt designs

Hopefully they are one step closer to releasing the game, since they are now down to only one page of bugs to work on and they have announced that the game will be released to all markets in English on day 1 of its launch. It’s looking like February will be the month it arrives for everyone.

Until then you can at least buy a t-shirt and touch the characters and pretend your playing the game…right?… or am I the only one that’s going to do that? I’m touching… I’m touching…

Official Website: Star Command Store

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