Star Legends beta gets a new update today. It will fix your feet!

Following the release of Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles MMORPG beta onto the Android Market today as they extend the reach of the beta to all Android users who run Android 2.0+, Star Legends also got a patch and male operatives have some good news.

Is it a fantastic new skill? A crazy new ability to decimate your enemies with? Close! Actually now your feet are not attached anymore! All kidding aside though this new patch brings about some nice fixes for everyone involved in playing Star Legends, especially those who have been lucky enough to be playing since the limited beta. There have been plenty of patches since the limited beta launched and the game just gets better and better with each one.

1.0.1 Content Update (65634) Patch Notes:

  • Armor sets should now occlude new player starting gear correctly
  • Vular Head Squid and Vintage Spacesuit vanity items should now occlude helmets correctly
  • Male Operative feet should no longer be joined
  • Delta-7: The first door in Rockfall Caves and the main generator door in Dead Man Cave should once again animate properly
  • Sector map no longer shows quest numbers for Blackstar
  • Enhancement Vendor Terminals added to the beginning of each level of Dynastar Labs
  • Fixed space helmet visuals
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles would fire out of the player’s feet when equipped with the arm cannon
  • Private tutorial dungeons are no longer in the join game list
  • The entire guild is notified in guild chat when a new member joins.


If you have been wanting to get into the beta since it was announced that it would be available in a limited beta form, you’ll be pleased to know you can grab Star Legends off the Android Market for free. Please keep in mind that it is still a beta though so you may run into a bug here and there. This is the last step before it goes live on all platforms.

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

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