Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles gets a new content update complete with new legendary weapons

Spacetime Studios rolled out a new content update (version 1.1) yesterday for Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles MMORPG which features some great new items including three new legendary weapons, three new legendary shields and come neat new cat pets.

One of the major features of the update is the new legendary gear that comes with it. There are three new legendary pistols and three new legendary shields now available to be found. Also combining a shielf with a matching pistol will also grant you a set bonus which is always nice to get. There is also a new 100% luck potion to consume if you want to feel rather lucky.

Full Changelog for Content Update 1.1:

  • 3 new legendary pistols can now be found as rare drops from the boss of Shipyards.
  • 3 new legendary shields are available for purchase from the store.
  • Adding one of the new pistols to a new shield will grant a set bonus.
  • New robo cat pets are available in the store.
  • New 100% Luck elixir
  • Item loot is now rewarded based on the receiver’s level, rather than the AI level, so that content which scales based on level (such as holiday content) does not prevent players from getting their level-appropriate loot when higher level players are also present.
  • Bandits Double Strike should now be shooting its bolts correctly out of both guns.
  • Shipyard: When a Commando blows up the door on the Reactor Core level, it should no longer explode in the wrong direction (towards the players)
  • The Rocketeer Helm no longer makes skin transparent for females.
  • The following items are now classified as Vanity Shields: Blast Shield, BBQ Brush, BBQ Fork, BBQ Tongs.


Last, but certainly not least, are the new robot cat pets which are actually pretty neat looking. There a four altogether that you can get: Bruno, Muffins, Mr. Buggles and the rare Chairman Meow. The first three are available directly from the store while Chairman Meow is available through the Crazy Cat Lady Pack and is a bit more rare of a find. So if you play Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles and haven’t updated yet, you should get doing that and get yourself a new cat pet.

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

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