Star Legends MMORPG gets a new client, PvP Terminal Beta and more!

Spacetime Studios space-themed MMORPG for mobile called Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles has received a new client. This new client, version 1.1.1 has just been pushed out onto the Android Market and brings with it a lot of new items including a beta PvP terminal!

This release of the PvP terminal (beta form) means that PvP is now available in Star Legends. Of course this also means the PvP in general is in beta so any bugs you happen to find, make sure to report them. Along with that major change comes so changes to the interface such as the Guild Roster will now show where other guild members are located, low level players can purchase the temporary ability to access high level dungeons and much more. Here is the full changelog:

  • PvP Beta has arrived! Access the PvP Terminal next to the F.A.C.E.-O-MAT in Blackstar to join the battle. Please note that PvP is currently in a Beta testing phase, please post bugs and feedback on the forums!
  • The Menu system has been reworked, adding gameplay hints.
  • Guild roster now displays the locations of guild members.
  • High level players can purchase the temporary ability to gain fractional experience in low level maps. This ability can be gained by tapping the blinking exclamation point icon when you enter a low level map.
  • Low level players can purchase the temporary ability to access high level dungeons. Note that you are likely to have a difficult time playing in dungeons that are above your level, better bring some friends! This ability can be gained by purchasing the relevant Enhancer or by attempting to join a friend/guildmate in a high level map.
  • Players should no longer die while appearing to have health remaining.
  • The “Continue” button will attempt to place the player in an instance that is not close to completion/already complete.
  • Quick Chat now appears in front of the Respawn window, not behind.
  • Chrome: Characters should no longer autorun if the game window loses focus.
  • Improved memory usage on all devices.


This is a pretty awesome update for Star Legends. If you happen to be a player, make sure to grab the new client. If you see the old one still available on the Android Market, it just means it hasn’t circulated the update throughout the entire market just yet.

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

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