Honkai Star Rail Unveils Kafka With New Trailer

Feature image for our Star Rail Kafka news piece. It shows a screen from the Kafka trailer with the character of Kafka with her arms spread out. 'Wanted' is written over her head, with a large bounty below.

If you’ve been following Honkai Star Rail for any amount of time, this might be the news you’ve been waiting for. A popular face in Star Rail, Kafka will soon grace players’ teams as a fully playable character, well, provided those players can pull her, of course.

Strangely enough, the mysterious Kafka is the first character we control on starting a game of Star Rail. She soon brings the Trailblazer protagonist to life, shoves a rare artifact of untapped destructive power inside them, then takes off into space and leaves the Trailblazer to their existential crisis.

Truly this woman is an enigma.

A Fan Favorite

She’s certainly pretty popular among fans, and the adoration only got bigger with the release of her character trailer. It touches on Kafka’s motifs. Her love of classical music plays a big part, with a version of Vivaldi’s Winter mixing in with the electronic beats.

You’ll also see plenty of spider and web designs scattered around. Kafka plays stringed instruments, and sports web-like designs on her clothes. Much like spiders, she’s also pretty dangerous, the huge bounty beneath her name should be enough to tell you that.

If you’re a regular player, all we can say is, good luck with your Star Rail Kafka draws! We hope the gacha gods favor you.

What Are We Talking About?

Not yet had the chance to enjoy Honkai Star Rail? Well, the game is the latest title from gacha game titan MiHoYo, or Hoyoverse as you might know it.

The game is a turn-based RPG set in an interstellar world where civilization spans many worlds, though all isn’t well. The Antimatter Legion wreak havoc across the galaxy, an army of monsters that want to wipe out any sign of life and civilization from worlds in their path.

In the middle of this, you have The Trailblazer, an artificial being Kafka creates. They come to live to discover a dangerous object known as a Stellaron implanted inside them for reasons unknown.

After being created and then discarded by Kafka, the Trailblazer falls in with the crew of the Astral Express, a ragtag bunch traveling aboard a ship resembling a spacegoing train.

If this has sold it to you, you can check out Honkai Star Rail now on Google Play.

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