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Star Traders: Frontiers is Currently on Sale

Star Traders: Frontiers is a space-based RPG where you are the captain of your own ship. Not only can you customise your ship and crew, but you can choose what type of operation you are running.

Star Traders – Live your wildest space dreams

Star Traders have 26 jobs for you to choose from. These jobs include becoming a spy, smuggler, explorer, pirate, bounty hunter and more. So you can choose to make an honest living in space, or rob others for their riches.

You command a mighty ship with a loyal crew, both of which can be customised. There are over 350 upgrades for your ship to unlock and a variety of specialised equipment to give your crew. The more ships you maraud, the more bloodthirsty your crew becomes!

If Star Traders: Frontiers sounds like an RPG you can’t miss, you can get a copy for $3.99 from the Google Play store.

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