Stardew Valley Update: Console and Mobile Players Inch Closer to 1.6

The feature image for news on Stardew Valley Update 1.6 has the title of the game in yellow floating between clouds.

 The wait for the Stardew Valley Update 1.6 continues, but creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone tweeted that he’s tilling the digital soil to bring it to your devices as soon as possible.

Just like coaxing a stubborn Jumino out of hiding, porting the update isn’t simple. While PC gamers have been enjoying new features like new NPCs and critters since mid-March, getting it ready for consoles and mobile requires some extra TLC.

Barone is a one-person show regarding Stardew Valley development, so these ports take time. Remember, quality over speed! Who wants a buggy game that crashes more often than a slime in the rain?

Thankfully, the Stardew Valley community seems to be understanding. Sure, there might be a hint of green envy towards their PC-wielding counterparts, but most folks appreciate the care and attention Barone pours into the game. After all, these updates are always free and add a ton of new content, making Stardew Valley even more delightful than a perfectly aged iridium wine.

Concerts and Cookbooks

While we wait for the Stardew Valley Update 1.6, there are other ways to get your Stardew fix. Have you heard about the Stardew Valley Festival of Seasons concert tour? It’s been bringing the charm of Pelican Town to life with live music all over the world.

And for those who want to bring the farm to their kitchen, the official Stardew Valley cookbook is now available, letting you whip up those in-game recipes in real life (purchasing the cookbook is optional, of course).

So chin up, farmers! The wait for the 1.6 updates might feel longer than a hike to the top of the Northern Mines, but with new adventures on the horizon and fun ways to fill the time, it’ll be here before you can say, “Grandpa’s ghost!”

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