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Disclaimer: Don’t Try and Play Starfield on Android

A Starfield citizen frowning at someone trying to play Starfield on Android.

Look, I know that you can play Windows games on PC now. Thanks to the recent launch of the Winlator emulator, classics like Fallout 3, Oblivion, and Grand Theft Auto 4 run like a charm on even a mid-tier Android phone.

But I’m here today to beseech you: please don’t try and play Starfield on your phone. Yes, technically it is possible. Winlator will let you do it. But, it will likely cause your phone to set on fire almost immediately, and leave you with permanent damage.

And yes, that does apply to you over there with the RedMagic phone. Yes, it has active cooling, and that’s really cool and all, but no fan in the world that size is powerful enough to cool a phone trying to run Starfield. It’s more likely to take off with the effort.

Will My Phone Really Set on Fire?

Okay, so we are being a little bit dramatic. Your phone won’t spontaneously combust. But it also won’t run Starfield. You may make it to the menu screen, or get a taste of gameplay at 3fps. But is that really how you want to play the latest Bethesda open worlder?

Ultimately, that’s what your PC, Xbox Series X, and Series S is designed for. That’s the platform to play Starfield on. Not Android. Stick to anything pre-Fallout 4 from Bethesda, though, and you’ll have a good time. You could also play Mass Effect. Starfield is basically Mass Effect, anyway.

However, if you are insistent on playing Starfield on your phone, the best way to do so is via games streaming. No, I don’t like game streaming either, but here’s the thing: it will actually run Starfield, where your rubbish Android phone won’t.

So How Can I Play Starfield on Android?

You can stream from your PC or Xbox, or directly via the cloud using Game Pass or GeForce Now. There are a ton of options, and all of them will play Starfield infinitely better than Winlator will. So do yourself a favour, and do that instead.

Or just don’t play it at all. That’s also preferable to trying to run Starfield on Android. If you’re in that boat, why not check out our best new Android games list? We put this together weekly to give you an idea of the best games that just launched.

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