Steampunk themed action-arcade game, Overload, powers onto your Android device

Overload is a new game from indie developers called “The Manufacture” and is a great looking action-arcade style game blended up with a Steampunk theme. You will be helping Elle, and her friend James, to stop Doctor Shwarzmann and his attacks on Elle’s grandfather using some mean robots.

The gameplay for Overload is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is tap on the enemies as they appear until they explode. However you don’t want to tap on them when they have their shield on otherwise bad things happen. There are plenty of power-ups along the way to help you out as well.


  • 50 action packed levels across 5 colorful worlds
  • An easy to learn but deep gameplay
  • Many power ups
  • Several different types of enemies
  • Various gameplay modes
  • Openfeint support and trophies
  • Engaging story



One thing about Overload that is great is the graphics which consist of some really nice hand-drawn style art but isn’t the ‘Doodle’ style, which is nice for a change. The other thing about the game that is interesting is actually about the developers themselves. It’s nothing unusual for indie developers to start off making a game with little to no budget but it’s rare when those developers actually tell us about it and how they came about to make the game.

“The Manufacture” is a 3 man studio which consists of Marcel Kruczkowski the programmer, Cezary Skorupka the designer and Błażej Kurowski the artist and was founded in the beginning of 2011. The first one studies Programming, the second Political Science and the third Romance Philology. We started out with absolutely no budget. Only things we had were dedication, skills and some guts.

First we gathered in the building at the University of Technology in the city of Lodz and then in a headquarters of Polish Scouts Association in Lodz. We put some really hard work in the project managing to combine a day job, personal life and making the game.


It’s always interesting to get some of the back story regarding indie game developers and how they manage to develop games. You can download Overload off the Android Market for $1.99 if you’re looking for a neat Steampunk arcade game to play.

Developer Website: The Manufacture

Android Market Link: Overload

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