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Steel Rage is Available for Pre-Registration

Steel Rage is a car-based PvP shooter with detailed customisation and a whole heap of destruction. Battle your way through a post-apocalyptic situation where cars rule the overgrown streets once more.

Steel Rage – Like Mad Max but Less Mad

Steel Rage is a PvP shooter where the aim of the game is out-drive and out-gun your opponents. It might be too early to mention what game modes will be included in Steel Rage. I can confirm there will be a 6-on-6 mode, most likely a team deathmatch.

Customisation is the main point in the game, and I don’t just mean your paint job. You can choose what type of body, weapon and driving style your war machine will be. You can choose robotic spider-like legs for increased manoeuvrability or tank-like tracks for the more challenging off-road terrains.

If you are interested in a vehicle-based PvP shooter, then you can pre-register for Steel Rage now.

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